International Women’s Day 2013 – An open letter to my friends.

Dear female friends,

I am writing to you to thank you for a thousand reasons on International Women’s Day this year; simply because I don’t think I say it enough. Although I don’t have the space to include the thousands of reasons why I think you’re awesome and why I’m glad you’re my friend I will start with the most obvious.

First of all I want to thank you for putting up with me when I’m not my best, when I’m sad or angry or just down right obnoxious. Your forgiveness and patience is what makes me think you’re amazing.

Thank you for being there in the wee hours when I needed to cry down the phone or email someone because of a crisis. Thank you for reminding me in the darkest hours “that this too will pass”. Thank you for contacting me just when I need you without me asking.

Thank you for being honest with me and letting me know I am not alone when I scream at my kids and make horrible mistakes as a parent and human being. Thank you for re-assuring me that I’m human and it’s ok to make mistakes as long as I am learning from them.

Thank you for being so honest that you point out things that I have missed. Thank you for telling me to think before I send that email, write that post or perhaps had I considered another way? Thank you for telling me to pull my bloody head in.

Thank you for pointing out that my body is just fine how it is and that you love me for my qualities not for how big my butt is. Thank you for laughing with me when I try and squeeze into a dress that may be a tad bit tight and look like a sausage.

Thank you for watching reality shows with me and joining me for pathetic grand final episodes so I am not alone in my pathetic love of reality TV.

Thank you for preparing me for death, helping me learn from you on how to handle the most tragic circumstances that no human should have to endure. Thank you for showing me survival does happen even in the worst situations.

Thank you for making me laugh so hard I pee myself and can’t control my belly laugh. I think these laughs are essential in living and you provided that necessity.

Thank you for standing up for what’s ours, the injustices and being a voice for the women without voices you inspire me to do more.

Thank you mostly for seeing me for who I really am and not trying to change me or make me be someone I’m not.

Most of all thank you for taking the time to be my friend you are my inspiration.Thank you

Love your friend Tracey xxoo


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