Who Are You Inviting to Dinner ?


Who’s coming to dinner?

Call me a day dreamer – ok so I really am a day dreamer and master procrastinator and I love nothing better than drifting off into my own imagination and thinking about what could be. Especially if I have deadlines due, in fact I would go as far to say I’m a world champion day dreamer. There could be worst things right!

I may be a dreamer but I’m not without strategy. See I figured instead of telling you a little about my personality as a blogger I thought I would instead give you an insight into me by playing this game with you. It’s called who’s at your table and it’s likely you have played it before, but I know you’ll love it.

In case you’re not familiar with this game it goes something like this.

You are allowed to invite to your dinner table 7 people (duo’s count as one). These people can be anyone dead or alive, famous or not famous, heroes or villains, basically anyone who has touched your life or inspired you in some way.

For the sake of my game with you we will have these 6 categories as “loose” guidelines:

  1. The humorous guest – someone who provide some laughs to lighten the mood.
  2. The musical guest – someone who can provide a tune after coffee and mints.
  3. The story teller – someone who can tell a good yarn and capture an audience.
  4. The historical figure – someone who has done something significant in history.
  5. The innovator– someone who has been creative and innovator in a way that has changed the world.
  6. An ancestor, family or friend who has died – Anyone who is special to you.
  7. The cook, who will cook your guest’s dinner and eat with them,

So to give you a quick glimpse into my personality here are my picks for my dinner table.

Imagine if you will a beautiful wooden table set for six in a cosy country house with an open fire in beautiful Tasmania. Roast Potatoes and gravy wafting through the homestead. Wine on the table and beer in the fridge. My six guests cannot arrive at once this would freak me out so I have staggered their arrival time, which should be interesting. I am so nervous about everyone having a good time at my dinner.  On the outside I’m looking calm and collected but inside my head is full of chaos, I’m nervously trying to show I’m not freaking out.

The cook will turn up first to prep the food, and it will be a challenge not to flirt madly with him.

The Cook: Jamie Oliver

Jamie and not because of his boyish good looks, but because he is so passionate about what he does and really genuinely wants to make a difference in the world. I like that he came from nowhere and made himself and his philosophies be seen by the world. I love how he turns enemies into friends and actually brings them on board and they become ambassadors for his cause. I like to call it the Jamie effect and yes I’m slightly obsessed.JAMIE

Yes he will cook us a brilliant meal but it will be his down to earth passion that will ignite conversation at the dinner table.

You see I have a slight crush on Jamie and not because of his boyish good looks, but because he is so passionate about what he does and really genuinely wants to make a difference in the world. I like that he came from nowhere and made himself and his philosophies be seen by the world. I love how he turns enemies into friends and actually brings them on board and they become ambassadors for his cause. I like to call it the Jamie effect and yes I’m slightly obsessed.

Yes he will cook us a brilliant meal but it will be his down to earth Passion that will ignite conversation at the dinner table.

The Humorous Guest – Hamish and Andy

k so I knowHAMISH so far this seems like a little like perv fest on my part, but seriously I would have these guys for the giggles alone. Every time I watch them I get that belly laugh that only happens every so often as an adult.

They have the ability to do what most adults wish we could do every single day, play. They act like children and play like children in a way that extracts every bit of fun out of the day, no wonder they have so many fans.

Imagine them ghosting!


The Musical Guest – Amy Winehouse

Simply because her voice is mesmerising and she fascinates me as a person.AMY

She would probably get pissed off at me when I asked her to smoke outside and go easy on the grog, but overall I feel like we might be mates. I think like most musicians that die young she was a deep thinker, and was addicted to things that were not good for her. In the end she was deeply addicted to her lover, drugs and alcohol. She would be crude and funny, but add depth to the conversations and hopefully some insight to us as humans.

I’m fascinated by her, probably because she is just one of those rare individuals who knew what she wanted to do and be long before she was a grown up, I almost envy that.


The Story Teller – Billy Connelly 

I didn’t always like Billy Connolly, when I was a teenager and my Dad loved him, I thought the funny man was rudBILLYe crude and undesirable, completely uncouth humour that I as a know-it-all teenager did not want to associate with. Even though I was very much from a working class home, at the time I so desperately wanted to be middle class and refused to associate myself with Bogans like Billy Connolly. It wasn’t until I was much older and my Dad had passed that I saw a show on TV with Billy and realised what I had missed. I was slowly coming out of a significant episode of depression and I hadn’t smiled in almost 8 months.  While I was watching Billy telling stories I realised I was smiling, which seemed strange (I even questioned it can you believe). Before I knew it I was laughing out loud and it felt so good. I then picked up his wife’s book which was a biography about Billy and I have been a fan of his storytelling ever since.

Photo Source: Photography by http://morganlockyer.blogspot.com.au

I love his “Fuck it” approach to life and wish I could be as brave as him sometimes. I love his empathy for the ordinary person and his genuine appreciation of life. I can imagine him telling stories at my table with everyone engrossed and captivated by his accent, his tone and his way of making the ordinary seem extraordinary.

I love that he doesn’t want to be a boring old fart which is something I live by.

  The Historical Figure – Galileo

I remember doing an assignment on Galileo in High School and was so taken by the fact that no one believed him but he didn’t care he just knew he was right despite powerful people telling him he was wrong, I instantly loved him for the outsider he was.GALILEO

He was an Italian physicist, mathematician, engineer, astronomer, and philosopher who played a major role in the scientific revolution

His contributions to observational astronomy include the telescopic confirmation of the phases of Venus, the discovery of the four largest satellites of Jupiter (named the Galilean moons in his honour), and the observation and analysis of sunspots. Galileo also worked in applied science and technology, inventing an improved military compass and other instruments.

What I love him for was challenging the assumptions at the time largely entrenched in Catholicism and the bible. He challenged the view that the earth was not the centre of the universe and that all heavenly bodies revolved around the Earth. He even went as far to say perhaps the bible was literal!

At this point in time he was ahead of his time, which meant he was forced by the powers at the time to defend himself in Rome to the inquisition, scary stuff I would imagine. He was consequently gagged and told to shut up or face the dire consequences. He waited his time out and when he thought it was the right time wrote a book that the pope at the time didn’t take kindly to.   Again he was asked to front up at the inquisition, he was threatened with torture but refused to back down, he received house arrest for the rest of his life. I loved that he got one last word or two in however when he uttered “and yet it moves” referring to the sun. He got the last laugh however because his theory was proven. What a bloke.

I wonder what he would think about those who deny climate change.

 The Ancestor – Dolly Dalrymple Tasmanian Aboriginal Women 1800’s Tasmania.

I’m a bit fascinated by this Aboriginal woman, not only because she is a distant ancestor but because she had to live through a time that seems unimaginable to me now. She had to witness her culture be eradicated and live betweeDOLLYn the white world and the aboriginal world thanks to the white men who stole her as a child.  She found herself between two world and was never accepted by either. She had to fight literally to keep her home and save her children. Despite her husband going to prison she survived, and supported herself and her 4 children she was described as showing great resourcefulness and tenacity in holding her family together. She eventually succeeded in having her mother Woretemoeteyenner freed from Flinders’ Island to live with her at her home.

I wonder what she would make of women now and our struggles. Was she an early feminist? Did she ever feel like she belonged in the black or white worlds and what does she think about our state and country today? I could talk with Dolly all night and ask her a million questions, I suspect Billy would too.

The Innovator – Former Magistrate Barbara Holborow

This one was a tough one. Although there are plenty of innovative people to choose from I wanted them to be the right fit with the other guests at the party. I think Madonna is innovative in the way she has reinvBARBented herself and her music to last generations, however I think she would be a rude dinner guest (based on assumptions of course).  I would like to choose someone like the inventor of the record player for example but found  after some research he would be as boring as bat shit. So I have gone with someone who is less well known internationally but very innovative when it comes to working with children and young people and our justice system.

Barbara Holborow served for 12 years as a magistrate in the children’s court, where her compassion and outspokenness were legendary. Maybe it was because of her own humble beginnings. Barbara married young. It was only after the death of her first child and subsequent split with her husband that she found a job as a legal secretary and resumed her high school studies. She went on to study law and started practising as a solicitor, specialising in children’s cases. She also adopted a young aboriginal boy as her son unheard of in her legal circles and fostered many more children.

She was involved in setting up free legal aid for children in NSW, a care court that deals with cases of neglect, and a special jail for first-time offenders aged eighteen to twenty five.

She is the only magistrate in Australia that I can think of that thought outside the square and sometimes outside the legal system. She introduced and is post retirement went on to fight for reform in the judicial system for children.

I wonder what Barbara will have to say if the topic of refugee children in detention comes up in dinner conversation, pretty sure I have a fair idea!

So there you have it my sacred seven, most of them misfits wanting to belong or prove something in their life. Chances are if I did this again in a years’ time the guests might be different and hopefully they will be because who we admire today grows as we grow as individuals and lifelong learners. Had you asked me when I was 11 who I would invite to my table first no doubt I would have said Boy George and the Culture Club.

So have a think who would you invite? And what does it say about you?  So much more then you probably think, it’s been a bit of a self-discovery journey for me.  One thing for sure it’s not easy narrowing it down to just seven guests. By the way just in case you’re wondering it’s good to dream and use our imaginations it makes for a creative mind. So keep day dreaming you just never know where it might lead.


6 thoughts on “Who Are You Inviting to Dinner ?

  1. painful….but here you go..
    1 Robin Williams…..obvious
    2. John Lennon…..obvious
    3. Hanna-Barbera….obvious when I thought about it….huge influence, Tom & Jerry, The Flintstones, The Jetsons..etc
    4.Rosa Parks…there were so many..but in the end Rosa is a stand out
    6.dad…didn’t know him, so I don’t know if he would fit with my table, but there would be some interesting conversations 🙂
    7. Nigella…I think she would add that extra ingredient to give the party a zing 🙂


  2. I must admit I agree with you Tracey on a lot of your guests and would love to be invited to your dinner party! However, I have put together a list of my own as follows:

    1. The Cook – Nigella Lawson because she cooks ‘real’ food and the best desserts!

    2. Humorous – Dame Edna Everidge because she makes me laugh more than most people.

    3. Musical – Don Henley from the ‘The Eagles’ because he writes such beautiful lyrics (although maybe a little ‘deep and political’ at times) and because I love to hear him sing and I have a little crush on him!

    4. Story Teller – Sir Michael Parkinson. Just imagine the stories he could tell about his interviews with so many famous and interesting people.

    5. Historical – Although she passed away fairly recently I would like Dame Elisabeth Murdoch. A woman who devoted her life to helping others and certainly stayed true to herself, a truly selfless woman.

    6. Ancestor – My paternal grandmother, Daisy Donald, who lived to be 102, mother of 10 children. How I would love to talk to her now and hear her stories. We so often leave it too late to ask questions and find out the real stories of our heritage.

    7. Innovator. Mmmm, a tough one. Maybe Oprah Winfrey – even if it was only to see the look on my grandmother’s face if she was seated next to her at the table.

    Anyone want to join my dinner party?


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