30 Day Mindfulness Photo Challenge.

I write this blog post in the summer sunshine at my desk, overlooking the ocean and horizon. Sitting nervously I’m hoping  I don’t get hissed at by my small audience. You see I’m one of those people. I bloody love setting goals for the New Year. That’s right I’m one of those awfully annoying people who love to kick of the New Year with vision boards, plans and resolutions. I ‘am planning personified, I can plan a plan like nobody can, action, however is another thing altogether. If this sounds a bit nerdy and naff then read on there’s more.???????????????????????????????

Every year I name the coming year for myself. This year 2015 I have named it “The year of Creativity and Learning”. This means I have to be open to being more creative, which means I probably have to try new things, holy hell!

My first task was to try again to find a photo challenge that I liked, one that was doable and meaningful. I lucked out no such challenge available. There was only one thing to do besides give up on the year of creativity and learning, create my own. So armed with my new training in Mindfulness (thanks Russ Harris), my new goals for the year and a need to use my Instagram account; I present to you the 30 Day Mindfulness Photo Challenge.

Now before you moan out load with “not another 30 day challenge”, take a minute to read this one. It is super flexible, requires little effort, and does not have a money back guarantee. You can take the challenge over a month or do 30 days throughout the year. Hell you can just do 5 days if you want who’s going to know, only you?

The long term benefits are pretty cool.

  • Along the way you might find that you’re more mindful of your life, the people in it and things that make up your life.
  • You get to practice your photographic editing skills.
  • You won’t forget you Instagram password again.

So here it is if you dare: 30 days of photo challenges that you can post on your choice of social media to share with friends.

Please interpret each word or sentence as you wish and most importantly be creatively mindful. Caption each photo with each heading below.

  1. The simplest of pleasures.
  2. Something you have walked past a 100 times approx.), but never actually taken the time to notice.
  3. You’re beloved.
  4. A friend’s eyes.
  5. Nature’s awesomeness.
  6. The best sound in the world in a picture.
  7. The thing that you use to avoid hard stuff. (It’s ok dig deep, everyone has one)
  8. Presence!
  9. Animal magnetism
  10. Your place of belonging.
  11. Something Painful.
  12. Someone immersed in play.
  13. Your hand. Take notice of the lines, the colour, the freckles and the shape like you’re looking at it for the first time ever.
  14. A lover’s smile.
  15. A comfort.
  16. .. whatever that means to you?
  17. Sadness
  18. Your anchor.
  19. Self-portrait. Please do this through the eyes of a curious child, seeing yourself through an inquisitive lens. Sounds deep or weird I know!
  20. Colour burst.
  21. Being mindful, not mind-full.
  22. Reflection
  23. The dark as you have never seen it.
  24. It’s a privilege…
  25. A vision for…
  26. Wisdom
  27. Sadness
  28. Up close and personal.(keep it clean)
  29. Coming home.
  30. Possibility

Please leave a comment on this blog post to let me know how you went or send me some photos to this FB page. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Parents-Wisdom/207379560747?ref=bookmarks

“Do not ruin today with mourning tomorrow.” Catherynne M. Valente


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