Mum Review 2015:

I try to read everything that I can about myself because Saddam Hussein didn’t read his reviews and he thought he was winning!

James Blunt

Well we haven’t done a parenting review my 9 year old and I since 2010 when he was a wee 5 year old. Now 5 year olds believe you are super woman, capable of fixing anything with a band aide and a lollipop just like Macgyver. For those of you who can’t remember or are too young to know Macgyver was a TV character of the blessed 80’s. He could fix anything, with just a paper clip and some gum, and still end up with the hottest mullet at the end of the episode.

Anyway back to my amazing 9 year old (not brown nosing at all). I realised last week most kids don’t really know that much about their mums at 9 years old. We tend to keep so much close. We usually do this so we don’t worry them, or unintentionally hurt them. We even sometimes don’t let them in on the fact that we might have a life outside of them. Why do we do this? Probably because we want to feel needed, we want to protect and let’s be honest we want to play the martyr at times.

Anyway here goes nothing, my 2015 Parent Performance review. I should disclose that I do have a teenager who I haven’t asked to do a review.

Reviewer: JB aged 9 years and 8 months (Nearly being double figures somehow gives him more credence as a mum reviewer).


  1. Greatest success: My kids
  2. Greatest mistake: My kids
  3. What are my best strategies for helping you? Not yelling.
  4. What could I do better? Don’t buy as many coffees.
  5. If we had to spend the next week together in a room how would we get along, what would we talk about? We would be fine and lots of things.
  6. What do we have in common? We both have same colour hair.
  7. What do I do for a living? Help kids and families in need.
  8. What am I most passionate about in life? Blogging
  9. How do I discipline you and is it effective? Take away electronics and yes.
  10. My favourite past time? Blog
  11. My favourite thing to do outdoors? Netball
  12. My favourite family day activity? Lunch
  13. Is there anything you would like to see implemented into family life? E.g.: More family days, more meals together. More family Days
  14. What is my favourite food? Oh! Um! Prompted by big brother Raspberries
  15. What makes me sad? Problems with money
  16. What makes me happy? Blogging
  17. What date is my birthday? October 21st
  18. If I could 1 thing in the world, change the world what would I change? All medical conditions cure cancer.
  19. How much do I love you? A lot
  20. How do you know I love you? You say it
  21. What’s my least favourite housework? Washing up
  22. What cleaning do I like? Vacuuming because I do it most
  23. What’s my favourite colour? Purple
  24. Favourite song? Shake it up by Taylor Swift?
  25. If I could meet one famous person who it be? Lady Gaga
  26. Fav movie? The Heat with Sandra Bullock
  27. If I was fire, water, air or earth which one would I be and why? Water because Your soft. You won’t fight you don’t like violence.
  28. When my mum is old… she’ll have dentures.
  29. If my mum could do another job? She would be an own a radio station.

Analysis:  Clearly his currency is his electronics at the moment, so won’t be changing that little strategy anytime soon. It’s interesting that he wants me to stop buying coffee, is the kid crazy?

I’m glad that if we were locked in a room together we would have a lot of things to talk about. The kid is a good talker that’s for sure, and I’m a good listener so that works well. I probably spend too much time, thinking, talking and doing blogging according to master 9, so will need to review this. We really need to get back to having some family day outs, simple things like picnics and walking in new places makes him happy. It just goes to show kids don’t need things they need you.

I must remember to stick my birthday on the fridge as he got this wrong, probably along with a list of things I really would like for my birthday. He got the cleaning thing spot on so I must be fairly vocal about that one. Not sure I have expressed my tastes in music that clearly, not a great fan of Lady Gaga or Taytay, and I really detest Sandra Bullock movies??  I love that he thinks I’m a lover not a fighter and a potential radio star, bless him.

From the table below it is clear, I am a much better mum in the afternoons and evenings!


Over and out for another few years, phew!


8 thoughts on “Mum Review 2015:

  1. Great post, maybe I should try this with Miss Halle. Be brave and do it with your 15 yr old or is just too mumsy for him? Great he knows you love him, I was shocked by the Sandra Bullock reference too. Good work you xx


    1. Thanks Trace, Maybe you could do a performance review as part of Uni and H can be your boss, she would love that!


  2. Hmmm? I am wondering if i could use your questions to do a parenting review with my certain nearly-forty year old daughter. Yep, I am going to do it!!!! I loved JB’s answers. He is a cool kid. Xx


    1. Hi Jean, I think (as her bf) this is a marvelous idea. Please let me know how you go sounds like a follow up post to me.


    1. Thank you. Maybe Try when she is 3 and then repeat yearly or half yearly, would be great to show her when she is an adult lol.


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