Meet my friends…

Our fascination with celebrities seems to be reaching its peak, or is that just me? Surely there will come a time when we realise they like us are just flawed humans. The only difference is they are in a spotlight, especially if their flaws become apparent to the world that is watching. It got me thinking…there celebrities are no more interesting than my friends and family. In fact, the ordinary people around me do far more extraordinary things each day without reporting on it and twitter sending it viral.  The ordinary doing the extraordinary has always fascinated me and driven me to be a better version of me each day.

However, I too have fallen prey to gossip magazines and celebrity news, maybe as a form of escapism. There are theories that suggestion that the rise of celebrity culture watching has a correlation to the breakdown in life friendships and communities. Sadly, we don’t know the name of the neighbour or the shop keeper any longer but we can reel off Posh and David’s kid’s names including their middle names, the worst part is I don’t even need to say Beckham for you to know who I’m talking about. There is probably some evolutionary reason for this phenomenon, one far too complicated for me to digest today.  So, I have decided not to chase celebrities for interesting tidbits this year instead I want to start a trend of finding out about the people around us, our neighbours, Facebook friends, our communities and our own family.

Sooo, this desire to do differently this year has led to some self-imposed self-discovery of myself. This is partly due to three bastards showed up in my head of late, after being absent for a very long time. Those bastards are anxiety, panic and depression, you may have heard of them! I am finding it hard to string words together outside of my day job and worse still unable to write like I use to. I know this year getting well will mean I will be pushing shit uphill with a rubber fork, pardon the expression. Until the bastards are well managed and sent packing I have a slightly easier way to ruminate with you all.

Soooo, this year in 2017 I will bring to you a series of podcasts about my ordinary friends who lead extraordinary lives. Each month I will interview them about their past, present and future and bring you amazing stories that will hopefully inspire you and humble you. It might even stop you reaching for the gossip magazines and may get you to introduce yourself to your neighbour.

Because I’m not feeling particularly creative at the moment the Podcast series will simply be called Ruminating with Trace’s Friends.

I will leave with you a quote that hopefully resonates with you and leaves you wanting more.

“I want to be extraordinarily ordinary. I believe that’s the most extraordinary a person can possibly be.”  ― Zarafshan Khan

Enjoy and stay tuned…


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