Hi, Welcome to my blog. Pull up a chair and grab a cuppa.

About the Blog: This blog will hopefully add value to your life. Most of the time I’m writing about issues and topics that interest me, in the hope that they interest you too.  . Sometimes I use myself as a human guinea pig for my blog experiments, which can be highly entertaining for the rest of you. Sometimes I write with unapologetic passion and no time do i regret it.

Put simply, Ruminating without the Cows is a blog about chewing the cud with you, the thinkers of the world. It’s a blog about my life as a learner parent in this age of perfection. Hopefully, it will provide you with some shits and giggles along the way.  

Why do I blog? Apart from needing something to avoid cleaning the toilet, I blog because I need a creative outlet and I love expressing myself in written form, (even though the Queen’s English has never been my strongest point. )

About Me: My favorite philosopher at the moment is Dr. Seuss. Seems to me that he makes the most sense at this point in my life, especially now that I’m the other side of 40. I don’t like Pina Coladas and walking in the rain, but I do love the odd fake tan and pancakes on Sunday mornings (not together). The song line that gets stuck in my head most often is: “What would you do if I sang out of tune”?

On a more serious note, I have twenty years experience working with young people in homelessness, drugs and alcohol, domestic violence, health, and cancer support. I also have a long history of working in, social media, community development and health promotion.  I’am  currently in the process of jointly writing the book ‘Family the Secret Recipe’ as another way to avoid cleaning the toilet.

I am also a part-time Communications Student through Griffith University Australia, just to see how much I can put on my plate before it topples over.

I think I’m an optimist after 10 am anyway and I’m always looking at ways to lead a more meaningful life.

How to contact me: Email: parentswisdom@netspace.net.au Ph: (61)  0447 963 717

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ruminatingwithoutcows 

Family the Secret Recipe Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Family-The-Secret-Recipe-book-project/197828416894684 cropped-me-in-nyc-392906_10150384011921090_1376332648_n.jpg


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