Hire me.

Biography :

I am a writer, worrier and warrior all rolled into one tall package.

I have a passion for and a professional interest in strengthening families, but my passion for writing meaningful confabulation is my greatest love.

Some might say that I’m an occasional social commentator, (If the shoe fits and all that). As well as a writer, I have had careers in the Community Service sector and have been working with families for almost 20 years. I am also a regular mum of two happy spirited boys.

I have a background in:

  • Writing and Research,
  • Communications
  • Business,
  • Health Promotion,
  • Community Development,
  • Human Resources,
  • Social Media,
  • Project Management
  • Homelessness and working with women.

I have a genuine passion for writing about things that as a parent make me think and act differently; so that eventually I am a better human being for my children. I am currently undertaking a degree in Communications to learn how to communicate!

Why hire me to write?

I will simply write what others are only thinking, and do it in a way that engages audiences. I will also write with good humor and only stalk you once you have hired me! (I’m kidding of course. please google me, there are no stalking charges).

So what else am I doing besides raising boys and writing?

I’m writing a book called Family the Secret Recipe please join us on Facebook. I work with young people which inspire me every day. I’m also very good at avoiding housework especially the cleaning of the toilet. I do this by writing which is a major bonus in my life. I’m also a mature age student (wish me luck with that).

I live on a beautiful island but fear not we are not that remote we have planes, automobiles, and broadband.


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